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It Takes a Big Heart to Shape Little Minds
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Recent graduate Zoë Wilson, Colorado Epsilon, will spend this upcoming year teaching abroad in Thailand. As she was considering ways to become a better educator, the opportunity to teach in Thailand kept reappearing in her research. With this overseas prospect, … Read More

The Path is Made Upon Traveling
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There is no specific path that brought Iowa Gamma Megan Fandel to where she is today. She has always loved the opportunity to create her own way and beat to her own drum. It’s why the theme of her life … Read More

The Best Version of Yourself
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California Lambda Kellie Hamrick was born in Guam, a U.S. island territory in Micronesia. She affectionately calls herself “a military baby” since she was born on the military base there. Her family then moved to the mainland and she grew … Read More

Travel is the Best Education Anyone Can Have
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Growing up, California Delta Christina Maharani Rajlal would attend fundraising efforts and service events with her mom. Her mom, a CEO of an institution for mental health, wanted her daughter to learn the importance of supporting others. “We always gave … Read More

Surrounded by Nature
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Image this: You take a mile-long hike up a steep cliff and when you get to the top, there is a large lake. Trees hang downward and a multitude of tumbling waterfalls surround you. The water is crystal clear and … Read More

Bless Those Who See Life Through a Different Window
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“I never thought I would be on the phone talking about why I love Pi Phi,” admits Colorado Epsilon Melissa Brown. “The Fraternity changed my life in more ways than I could have imagined.” Melissa joined Pi Phi during her … Read More