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A Heart for Others
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We were enjoying a beautiful day on the campus of University of Western Ontario (UWO) where a sweet, playful pup named Susie wrestled in the grass nearby. Susie belongs to Ontario Beta Angela Mazzolin and was rescued just about a … Read More

Step Forward Into Growth or Step Back Into Safety
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While she was in grade 12 of high school, Ontario Gamma Angela Bain heard of the ideas of sororities. But since fraternity and sorority life is not as popular in Canada, she had to conduct her own research. When she … Read More

New York State of Mind
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With all that New York Epsilon Rajani Deshpande does, she looks to the quote “when you feel like giving up, remember why you started” to help remind her to keep going. She is a vivacious sister studying Industrial Management Engineering … Read More

Pi Phi in the Sky
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Wherever she flew, Michigan Gamma Gayle Badley Mimnaugh always had a Pi Phi identification tag on her luggage. Since she could not wear her Pi Phi letters on her flight attendant uniform, the luggage tag was her subtle way of … Read More

They Said I Could Do Anything, So I Became a Sailor
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A self-proclaimed “military brat,” Maine Alpha Amanda DeBaker lived in various places because of her father’s job in the U.S. Army. Amanda grew up on a military base, and base living is a family tradition for her, with a dad … Read More

Be the Leader You Would Follow
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It was love at first sight when Connecticut Gamma Samantha Dyar first toured the Quinnipiac University (QU) campus. It is beautiful. The campus is surrounded by mountains and you walk through a trail in a mini forest to get to … Read More