And the Oscar Goes to

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I caught up with Florida Zeta Veronica Brown as she was hanging out with one of her Pi Phi sisters, Kellie Wilkerson. The pair was going to see the University of Tampa (UT) production of “The Seagull” about a writer and his struggles in his field.

Veronica is from Phoenix, Maryland and has been performing since she was four years old. It’s one of the things that attracted Veronica to UT: the strong arts program and the potential to audition for a theater show in the future. Veronica is classically trained in vocal music, in which she is using those talents to serve as Music Chair for Florida Zeta.

She is studying communications, and Veronica hopes to use her degree to work in broadcast news or documentary work. “I really like knowing how and why they do things the way they do,” she says about her interest in documentaries and on how they make movies. Her current favorite: “And the Oscar Goes to…” The documentary follows the Oscars from its inception to how it is now. Veronica is intrigued with how social and pop culture has changed what the Oscars are today.

We also chatted about her love for reading, specifically Jane Austen and Shakespeare, being drawn to old language in classic stories. She loves The Pillars of the Earth and how that story intertwines with stories built upon each other through time, similar to how the cathedrals are built. Veronica’s quote resonates with me once again, “I really like knowing how and why they do things they way they do.”

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