Life’s a Gamble

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Nevada Alpha Caroline “Carly” Byne comes from a family of Nevada Alphas – grandmother, mother, aunts and cousins – all share the bonds of wine and silver blue. Carly has known the Lifelong Commitment as she has seen her grandmother and mother continue to be active in the Las Vegas Alumnae Club. Although she may have not initially realized it, their example helped her in her own life.

Carly works for International Game Technology (IGT), a company focuses on gaming equipment and casino game development. If you have passed a machine in a casino or airport featuring Wheel of Fortune or Jurassic Park, those are from Carly’s company! She is successful in her field as a high-level vendor so after years in Nevada, she received a promotion that brought her to Florida to focus on the cruise ship industry. The first thing she did in Florida was to look up the alumnae club in Fort Lauderdale.

For Carly, joining the alumnae club was a given. She automatically had a common bond with someone in the area! Especially since she works in a male-dominated gaming industry, she enjoys the times she has with her sisters. For Carly, it helped make a scary big town a little bit smaller; she understands how to live here, be successful here, and eventually was able to call it home. Carly counted that the club members have collectively lived in Fort Lauderdale for more than 200 years!

For Carly, and many sisters like her, Pi Phi is bigger and extends beyond her collegiate chapter – Pi Phi expands to the entire country. Carly maintains the Nevada Alpha connection 3000 miles away, reminding us that, “Pi Phi is a Lifelong Commitment, not just for your collegiate years.”

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