Pi Phi Chose Us

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During a visit to New York City, Ohio Alpha Teresa “Terre” McFillen Hall’s daughter remarked, “You two are teenagers together.” Terre had invited her good friend, Ohio Alpha Jane McNeill George on the trip and they were surely having a lot of fun. I know from meeting them that these two are a lot of fun!

Terre and Jane met in August 1980 as 18-year-olds going through sorority recruitment. The two have remained lifelong friends. And all through their lives, Pi Phi has brought them together. They have been in each other’s weddings, seen each other in different careers, with kids and of course their parents know each other. Terre says, “What a great decision that Pi Phi chose us at 18.”

The latest adventure for this dynamic duo is serving on the Alumnae Advisory Committee (AAC) for Pennsylvania Eta.

Jane lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania, close by the chapter. She became involved in AAC and knew her friend, Terre, was looking for a way to be involved in Pi Phi. Although Terre lives 3.5-hours away in Virginia, she jumped on the opportunity as it was something the two friends could do together. Despite the distance, Terre is on weekly calls with her collegiate counterparts (yes, she helps with Vice President of Event Planning, Vice President of Philanthropy and Vice President of Communications) and makes the drive to campus about once a month, staying with Jane during her visits.

For both women, serving on AAC has been very rewarding. As Terre noted in our conversation, young women have many more pressures today than they did when they were in college. Now, more than 30 years later, they can provide a different perspective to the collegians.

“They need to see this can be fun,” says Terre. “No matter what you do or where you do it, Pi Phi can play a positive part in it.”

As these two continue to mentor a new generation of Pi Phi leaders, it is great to see that our sisterhood continues to connect and grow their lifelong commitment. “Pi Phi made our friendship stronger,” says Jane.

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