Step Forward Into Growth or Step Back Into Safety

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While she was in grade 12 of high school, Ontario Gamma Angela Bain heard of the ideas of sororities. But since fraternity and sorority life is not as popular in Canada, she had to conduct her own research. When she decided to attend the University of Guelph (UG), she saw that Pi Beta Phi was active in Guelph. Angela liked the core values of the Fraternity, and reached out.

During her first year, Angela participated recruitment. She did not know anyone, but as soon as she met the Pi Phi sisters, her nervousness went away. As the years have gone by, Angela grew out of being a reserved and timid young lady and she became the person she wants to be: the best version of herself.

Prior to serving on the Executive Board, Angela interviewed with her chapter leaders to attend Convention 2015. She and Logan Patterson were chosen to represent Ontario Gamma in Chicago. With this confidence boost, Angela went on to apply to become Vice President of Membership (VPM), which she was then voted into the role. Along with VPM, Angela has served as Vice President of Member Development. But Angela is extremely honored to lead the chapter in her current role, interim Chapter President.

As she prepares to graduate in the next year, it is joyful for Angela to reflect on her collegiate career. Through Pi Phi, Angela was encouraged to do things and to be in leadership roles. She has been rewarded ten fold. “I think Pi Phi is leadership and sisterhood,” she said. It is rewarding to hear how our Fraternity helped our members grow as leaders and grow more confident themselves.

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