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“Marriage is a partnership and we both have equal say in the partnership,” said Florida Alpha Tayyaba Chaudhrey Monto. So when her husband received the job opportunity of a lifetime, one that would move the couple and their children from Maryland to upstate New York, there were a lot of discussions to be had. “We knew it would be a sacrifice for both of us to up and move,” says Tayyaba about the debates with her husband over whether or not to move, but they ultimately decided “now is the time to do it.”

Within her own career, an attorney, Tayyaba knew it was early enough in her career that she could study for the New York State Bar exam or find an alternative profession. She also thought it would be a long shot that her firm would allow her keep her position and work remotely from hundreds of miles away. But if they said “yes” it would pay off in the end and she could only imagine how it would benefit her family to maintain the same employer.

A lot of women are too afraid to even ask these types of questions, afraid of what the response could be. For Tayyaba, she had to try; she had to take a risk.

Although it was hard to ask the firm to support her move, she was thrilled to learn they were willing to work with her to allow her to keep her position. “They have been very helpful and really great about it,” Tayyaba says about her employer.

Of course, working remotely is a little more complicated because she cannot simply walk down the hall to her colleague’s desk. But technology — her computer and especially her cell phone — have allowed her to have the daily interactions that she needs for her job. And Tayyaba takes the opportunity to travel to Maryland four times a year to have time in the office and meet new people on staff. For Tayyaba, it is all about the skills of multi-tasking, wearing many hats, and trying to balance.

The opportunity to work remotely gives her the flexibility to be at home with her two boys, Aiden and Alex. “Finding a place where you can get the support you need, professionally and at home, is great,” says Tayyaba. Oh, how rewarding it has been.


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