See the Able, Not the Label

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With an unmistakable passion for helping autistic youth, Texas Eta Morgan Greco is the perfect example of patience, kindness and love. I had the opportunity to spend time with Morgan to learn where her positive energy comes from. Morgan’s younger brother, Parry, was diagnosed with autism before he turned three years old. Morgan and her family had the opportunity to see how great teachers and therapists positively impacted his life. Because of this experience, working with children with autism to give them the best quality of life became a passion for Morgan.

Morgan received a bachelor’s degree in Special Education from Texas A&M University. After serving one year as Resident Leadership Development Consultant at South Carolina Alpha, she knew she wanted to return to her home state of Texas. Morgan was offered a position with Herod Elementary School as a teacher for children with autism.

Morgan spends her weekdays in a classroom with 11 boys, grades first through fifth. She knows elementary school is a crucial time for individuals with autism to learn important skills, like the ability to assert themselves in a situation. But these young men also need people that will advocate for them and teach them how to advocate for themselves. Teachers, like Morgan, also teach their students how to love others as well as how to be their own individual selves. Morgan notes how important it is to encourage them as individuals, because each child has a different learning method.

Morgan understands being a young woman in her profession comes with a lot of responsibilities. She has to be a leader of people not only in her peer group, but for adults that are older than her. She is thankful Houston Independent School District gives its teachers lots of opportunities to network with other teachers as well as attend personal and professional development workshops. Morgan feels supported by like-minded professionals who are all working to increase the quality of life for the students they work with.

It is not a surprise one of Morgan’s favorite quotes is by Audrey Hepburn: “As you grow older, you will discover you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” These students are lucky to have such a passionate teacher and we’re lucky to call Morgan a sister of Pi Beta Phi.

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