Because I Have Sisters, I Always Have a Home

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Freshman Jenna Spini, Indiana Alpha, traveled 2,300 miles from her home in Redwood City, California to Franklin, Indiana to start her collegiate career. Franklin College had everything she wanted in a college: size, location, academics, athletics and involvement. Moving that far from home may have been a difficult decision at first, but one Jenna has embraced as it has provided her all the opportunities she expects from a college experience.

Jenna is a member of both the Volleyball and Track and Field teams, so her transition to campus was easier than she expected. She moved to campus earlier than the rest of the first years, which allowed her to adjust, and get to know campus before school started. Her next step: find an organization to be involved in. This is where she found Pi Beta Phi. Since there are a large number of members who are also student-athletes, Pi Phi’s schedule aligned nicely for Jenna to participate, while also allowing her to focus on homework and volleyball practices.

The chapter has also been a huge support system when Jenna felt really homesick. Her sisters made a special effort to provide a home away from home for Jenna. Both her Big Sister Gabrielle Arthur and Ashley Bazier, Indiana Alphas, live close by and invited Jenna home with them to be surrounded by their families. This time away from campus definitely helped Jenna realign her focus.

Things have continued to change as Jenna continues to be immersed on campus. Recently she was chosen as one of five chapter members to represent Pi Beta Phi at an Emerging Leaders retreat on campus. At the retreat, they watched a presentation on “Always Wearing Your Letters” and participated in a goal-setting workshop. She is beginning to take leadership roles within the chapter and is excited to make a positive impact in the Indiana Alpha Chapter of Pi Beta Phi.

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