Calling Bloomington Home

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When Indiana Beta Sammi Roth made her first trip to Bloomington, Indiana, to tour Indiana University (IU) she felt an immediate connection to the city. The big beautiful buildings and the kind people she met on her visit reminded her of her hometown Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Needless to say, the decision to move to Bloomington was a pretty easy one for Sammi.

Moving to a new city is nothing new for Sammi who has called several cities on the east coast home. However, this would be her first time living in the Midwest. “All the places I have lived have shaped who I am and made me adaptable,” Sammi said. “I’m so grateful to have had those opportunities.”

So I had to ask, “What have you learned from each of the cities you’ve lived in?”

“Well, Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a small town, so the connection with family is really important,” Sammie said. “Living there made me realize the importance in spending quality time with people I care about. When I lived in New York City, things are so fast-paced. It allowed me to mature quicker and be independent. I was walking to school by myself in fifth grade! We also lived in Boca Raton, Florida, which is so different from the other two places. The laid-back style of the area allowed taught me to appreciate things and not to take things for granted.”

And what about Bloomington, Indiana? “It is a mix of all three,” Sammi said. “You have friends to rely on and cherish, but you can also be on your own. I’ve realized since moving here how important it is to live in the moment because college is once in a lifetime experience.”

Sammi is enjoying her first year at IU. She is busy with classes for her broadcast journalism major and enjoying the sisterhood she has found in Pi Beta Phi. Sammi is ecstatic to call Bloomington home.

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