Find the Right Fit

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When Illinois Beta-Delta Akashi Perera made the decision to move from Colombo, Sri Lanka to the United States for college, she was committed to finding the right school. From a young age, she knew she wanted to study business, but it was equally important for Akashi to be at a small liberal arts school. Akashi loved Knox College for its close-knit campus community with so many opportunities. And with her relatives close by in Chicago, it was the best fit for Akashi.

Now a sophomore, Akashi is earning a degree in economics with a business minor. She is interested in the relationships between consumers and marketing firms as well as the creative aspects of marketing. Last summer, Akashi returned home to Sri Lanka and was an intern at Nestlé’s marketing firm.

In Asia, Nestlé is responsible for a lot of milk-based products, so she was charged with studying the corporate image as well as considering ways to build upon their current corporate image. Akashi worked to connect community organizations with Nestlé; this partnership was a great way for the company to build its image. Akashi reflects on the experience as really growing her communication and leadership skills. This summer, Akashi plans to stay in the United States and work for a company here to gain a different experience in brand management.

Akashi is so grateful the opportunities afforded to her by the institution. She has developed close relationships with her professors and found mentors in them. She has grown her transferable skills through serving in clubs on campus and internships off campus. Akashi has loved her experience at Knox College and is excited for what is to come.

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