Students Now, Illini Forever

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With a passion for philanthropy, it was a perfect fit for Illinois Zeta Amelia Kelly to serve as Vice President of Philanthropy for the chapter at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). It is her goal to make sure the chapter is connected to the cause and truly understands Pi Beta Phi’s Read > Lead > Achieve initiatives. The chapter is extremely busy with philanthropy events; they host Lemonade for Literacy, Arrowspike, Pie Burger Phry, Pi Phi Pazookie, Arrow Games and Wing Ching each school year!

Amelia first gained experience working with not-for-profits in high school when she volunteered with the Chicago public school system. Working with the students and seeing the adversity they had to overcome enabled Amelia to appreciate her ability to attend college. “I have seen a lot of kids in the Chicago public school system that would give anything for the opportunity to be at University of Illinois.”

There is no hiding the love Amelia has for UIUC. The love is something she felt from the first day she came to campus. During her first month on campus, Amelia saw various students walking around campus wearing khaki pants and orange polos (the University’s signature color). When she realized a handful of Pi Phis were included in the group, she decided to ask about it. She learned this was the uniform of the Student Alumni Ambassadors, the student organization charged with fostering traditions, providing campus tours and creating events for the University. Today, Amelia is grateful for her membership in the group and the opportunity to impact the 40,000 students that attend UIUC.

For Amelia, UIUC feels like a school where anything can happen, where there is always something going on and an environment that fosters one’s creativity. She continues to find ways to get involved on campus and show the pride she has for her school. Amelia truly embodies the University’s motto: “Students now, Illini forever.”

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