Discovering a Career Path through Unexpected Experiences

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In high school, it was movies like “Legally Blonde” and “House Bunny” that guided Iowa Zeta Allison O’Keefe’s knowledge of fraternities and sororities. She had no family members or friends to tell her about what the sorority experience would really be like. So if you asked her back then, Allison never thought she would be in a sorority.

Luckily, her freshman year, it was friends in the residence hall that encouraged Allison to participate in recruitment. She fell in love! She appreciated the philanthropic efforts and values of the organizations. The entire Panhellenic Community was fantastic and Allison was thrilled to find a home in Pi Beta Phi.

Allison has made an effort to grow the Panhellenic community at University of Iowa (UI). She is currently serving as Vice President for Public Relations and Marketing (VP of PR), but she also has experience as Vice President of Communications for Pi Phi too. “The roles are similar, but who I am doing it for is very different,” Allison said about the two leadership positions she’s been given. In both positions, she creates content for social media and monthly newsletters as well as provides awareness of upcoming events. It is in her VP of PR role she is making greater impact working with nine other Executive Council members and sharing the news of the entire community.

Allison loves the quote “find something you’re good at and do a good job” and has found this in fraternity and sorority community at UI. She thinks back to when she was not familiar with the community and how her collegiate experience could be different. But, now Allison is looking into a Masters in Higher Education in hopes of becoming a Fraternity and Sorority Life Coordinator.

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