A Change in Scenery

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For some, it may be difficult to trade in the sounds of crashing waves, the Hollywood glitz and the vast food samplings of every culture offered in Los Angeles, California. For Montana Alpha M. Clare McShane, the decision to move to Bozeman, Montana, for college was an easy trade — not only because she had grown up visiting her family’s home in nearby Missoula — but few places could compete with incredible ski conditions offered at least five plus months out of the year.

Clare is a sophomore at Montana State University as a dual major in Psychology and certificate in Neuroscience and Community Health; she has also added a minor in Human Health & Development. Clare has a strong interest in biology, the brain and helping people. Clare is an exceptional student in her field. She has already accepted an internship for next summer at Bozeman Nanotechnology and Biotech Institute. The program does not usually accept sophomores, but Clare applied anyway. She stood out among the applicants, and although they will not bend the rule to accept her as a sophomore candidate, they said they would love to take her as an intern next year.

Bozeman continues to be a valuable experience for Clare, and a lot of it she attributes to her Pi Phi sisters. Clare is enthusiastic when she talks about her sisters’ involvements, “[Pi Phis are] in Young Americans for Liberty; entrepreneurs, Engineers Without Borders, Surgeons Without Borders, athletes, they study abroad, are multilingual, Order of Omega,” and I think she could name many more. Clare boasts that all the members take academics seriously and hold each other to high standards. As a hopeful future neurosurgeon, Clare is grateful to have the encouragement of her sisters.

Her Pi Phi sisters have supported her through times, but have also been there to cheer her on in the good times. They are all so different, but vibe together under the shared values of the Fraternity. Clare understands there are a lot of misconceptions of what sorority women do, but she knows she and her sisters are out to represent women as well-rounded individuals.

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