One Last Hurrah

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The possibility to work closely with faculty is one of the things that attracted Iowa Zeta Jenny Cecchini to attend the University of Iowa (UI). UI Hospitals and Clinics are right on campus for Jenny to explore different internships and volunteering prospects. For the past six months, Jenny has worked as a Research Assistant for a doctor studying cochlear implants for deaf and hard of hearing patients. The opportunity empowers Jenny to be the best Health and Human Physiology student and medical professional she can be.

Jenny loves Iowa City, where the University is located, because it is homey like her hometown of Naperville, Illinois. One of the things that makes Jenny more happiest is to spend time with her Pi Phi sisters. At the end of each semester, Iowa Zeta’s House Director, Jo, has a spread of treats ready and the members come to the chapter house to simply hang out with one another; they call it “Jo’s Gala.” It is so hectic at the end of each semester that the members often forget to relax and enjoy the company of one another. The celebration provides an opportunity to wind down and celebrate. Jo decorates the chapter house and hang out with the women, which is a treat especially for the members not living in the house. It all sounds so comfy!

“Jo’s Gala allows us to all come together to for one last hurrah each semester,” says Jenny. With all the hard work she puts into her academics, Jenny is thankful to find a home in Pi Beta Phi.

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