Surrounded by Nature

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Image this: You take a mile-long hike up a steep cliff and when you get to the top, there is a large lake. Trees hang downward and a multitude of tumbling waterfalls surround you. The water is crystal clear and the atmosphere is so peaceful. This is Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, and it is the favorite place in the world of Colorado Delta Kayla Zweifel.

“No person made this; nature made this and I think that’s beautiful,” says Kayla with delight. Kayla considers herself lucky to be born and raised in Colorado. The state is the perfect place for her. Growing up, her family would go on adventures to either the mountains or to a new town, or anywhere they could think of in that moment. Her parents and sisters would go hiking almost every weekend. Kayla loves everything about the mountains and the many little sleepy mountain towns.

When she had the chance to attend Colorado School of Mines, an institution with a strong reputation for engineering academics surrounded by all the Colorado nature, Kayla knew this would fulfill her nature-loving personality. One of Kayla’s favorite school traditions is “M Climb” when each fall incoming freshman carry a rock on campus up to the “M” that is on the mountainside of Mount Zion located near campus. Various clubs and organizations line the path up to the “M” and hand out water and popsicles and sing the University anthem. Kayla participated her first year at school and cannot wait for the senior year tradition of the seniors going back up to the “M” to retrieve their rocks to keep forever.

How quickly four years have passed for Kayla. She has loved studying Chemical Engineering and is grateful for the mentorship she received from her various professors. Kayla continues to explore what specialties she enjoys and looks forward to seeing what her future prospects are in the chemical engineering industry.

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