Your Home Tells the Story of Who You Are

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Since high school, Mississippi Alpha Lindsay Rolph dreamed of becoming an interior designer. Today, she has worked for various designers in Louisiana and Texas, and has found her niche in new home building designing. Lindsay works with clients to make … Read More

Fond Memories and Lifelong Commitment

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Maryland Beta Anita Tracy, a member of the New Haven, Connecticut, Alumnae Club, works in the professional world as an aerospace engineer. Her sister often comments that she is actually an “arrow-space engineer,” an apt description that combines her two … Read More

The Best Way to Find Yourself is to Lose Yourself in the Service of Others

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Through a friend in her chemistry class, Colorado Gamma Alex Wolf learned about Vida Volunteer, a service-learning program with the goal of helping future health professionals provide medical services to people in Central America. Since participating in the program would … Read More

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